8 Cultural differences between Germany and Korea

I can't believe  that I have already been here for a whole month now! Time is passing by really quick as an exchange student and while at first I wondered sometimes when I'll finally see my family again now I am conflicted. On one hand it would be of course nice to see them again, but I have friends here now too and I love how different Korea is. I have been so busy the last week with class assignments and meeting new people. Life couldn't be better right now.

So today you get 8 cultural differences I realized in my first few weeks here that definitely stunned me:

  1. Ok the first thing that really surprised me were men. They were really helpful from the very start. Like when I arrived at the airport they sent a driver to pick me up and he carried everything though it was super heavy. He definitely had trouble carrying everything. I even offered to carry at least half of it myself, lol but he refused. Strongly! And then when I arrived at the dormitory the next guy carried everything up to my room. Or even in the plane when the guy just realized I was too short to get the luggage and just took it down for me. I don't think German guys are like that how about your country? Are guys still all gentlemanly saving a lady in distress? 


  1. Koreans like to pay for your food and drinks. The first day I met a Korean friend here she paid for my food and I was surprised, but we've known each other for a long time so I didn't think too much about it. Just thought it is my turn next time. But she told me it is a Korean thing. The next Korean person I had coffee with also paid and it is kinda weird for me, since in Germany I don't think it is like that. That basically strangers pay for your food. Right? Might just be the place where I grew up. So I kind of feel indebted to them. And I probably should ask a Korean person what I am supposed to do next. Do they expect me to pay the next turn ? Is it rude if I pay next time? I sincerely have no clue...  I mean even our Korean teacher paid for drinks and ice-cream last lesson and told us Korean professors do that sometimes for freshman. How does this work in your country?


3.      Koreans don't just talk to random People on the street. In Germany if you saw someone interesting in the bus either male or female you would just start up a conversation. Same goes for any other place you meet a stranger. You can just talk to them and it is not impolite. But I haven't seen anyone doing this in Korea. When I was in one of my classes and we needed a certain type of person I just suggested to go up to him and ask. And they were like: You don't even know him ,you have nothing in common how can you just talk to him and ask him out for tea?  Well, yes how can I? :0 Bad girl!!


4.      Koreans don't smile at people  they don't know. Actually a Korean friend told me this. I still smile at everyone when I am happy, because that is my personality I don't think I can turn that off, but I am a foreigner I can't possibly get any weirder and I gave up trying to fit into their culture. I just don't know enough to do that. But she told me, if a Korean Person would do that he or she would be weird. They especially old people stare at me anyways. It's sometimes like I walk around with a big fat exclamation mark. Thank goodness I am not blonde. That would be another exclamation mark. xD


5.      They are all really fashionable and take care of their appearance. I am not sure if I have seen any Koreans going out without any makeup and without being dressed up. Because in my country if you just go.. say to the supermarket you go without makeup just a plain T-shirt and some pants. Mostly. Not always, but you wouldn't mind doing this right? And even guys care a lot about Fashion. They look like they popped out of fashion magazines xD. I don't even have to get started on the amounts of skincare products Korean girls use. I heard even guys use BB- Cream sometimes though I have never realized it personally.



6.      Most Korean's do not speak English. Supermarket, makeup store nope no English. It is really funny sometimes guessing the prices. If you come here at least know basics and numbers. You wouldn't want to end up like me!! Some students speak English. Some don't and some are just too shy to talk to you in English. So knowing some Korean would be really helpful.



7.      When handing over things or money they use both hands and you also use both hands when you receive something. I think this is especially the case with money. It shows respect when you use both hands and you really don't want to seem rude do you?



8.      You take your shoes of when you go into someone's home. Always. Even in a lot of restaurants you take of the shoes. Definitely don't forget this. I did when I first came here in my own room. I came from the airport and was like drop-dead tired. I had to go somewhere, but before that I had to go back inside my room because of some reasons and already wore my shoes. Totally forgot to take them off , got seen how I quickly jumped inside and scolded…

If I got anything wrong feel free to contact me or if you would like to add something.^^
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