Survived my first week in Korea :D

*Hey ho, since I've finally arrived here in Korea I decided to do a blog, so that I can share my experiences here with you guys :) Wohoo! Maybe you are reading this because you also want to come to Korea? Or maybe you are a huge kpop and kdrama fan ? Or maybe you are just curious. Whatever the reason is I hope you enjoy the content.*

To tell you the truth my first week here was a week of ups and downs and not just because there are hills literally everywhere. I had quite a hard time getting adjusted to the life here. Here is a shared dorm room at Kookmin University, in which I am currently living with two lovely girls. One from Turkey and the other one from the US. The room is small, but what bothers me most is the bathroom situation. It's not only tiny, but also the doors are made of glass and are most definitely not sound proof. So if you are into privacy ... well you won't find it here. Just think about all the things you are usually doing in a bathroom that you wouldn't want to share with complete strangers... Even if they are really nice. Plus they didn't tell us there wouldn't be any toilet paper.



The rest of the room is quite nice though. And you won't get cold in here ^.^ Ever.

My roomates side. She's been here for over a year. My side is still rather empty

During my first week in Korea I had to do a lot of formalities. Like register for courses. The system didn't like me very much so I ended up running to the international affairs division a hell of a time. But they are really nice and helpful and didn't get upset about me showing up every 5 minutes. Though maybe they were a bit annoyed lol but not upset. I also had to get my TB shot for the dormitories so that was my first time out using their transportation System. (got picked up from the Airport by a really nice Driver :) ) Which is so huge here that it would be a topic on its own. Not the driver the transportation system!


Also what caught me out cold was that barely anyone of the adults speaks English. Even most of the students don't. So it was some monkey business buying things. I mean we are still mostly using hands and feet for communication, but it's gotten better. Lots better.


Another problem I got here is the food. We don't have kitchens so we have to go out and buy Food all the time. And the first day I made the mistake to accept some free tab water. Let's just say I didn't take it well. Tossed my cookies right in the middle of the corridor. Nice first Impression my second roommate got of me yayy...


But the rest of the week went by really really fast and I made lots of new friends. Went out eating a lot. Had my first courses here and started looking around the City.

*Since so much stuff happened this week I'll stop at this point. I don't want to write a page long report and neither do I think you would enjoy it. So I'll keep it short and simple this time and will be back with real topics when I post the next time. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask! I'll try to answer as well and truthfully as possible. Or if you want to hear about Special Topics you can ask for them too:) I'll try to update Wednesday and Sunday at least until exams start than probably only once a week *