Exams are over ^^

Hey guys I am sorry I haven't written for the last 2 weeks it has been exam time ~bäh~

went to a traditional Music Performance on friday ^^

And I have been crazy enough to register for Korean 1 when I hadn't even done basic ( which I also have ) Haha

So I have been studying Korean like crazy, which doesn't mean I am a pro right now, but slowly I start to understand some things \(^-^)/  YAYY The Lady at the store doesn't have to repeat the Price 20 times before I get it XD do you still remember how I complained in my first post about not understanding anything? The post id here btw xD -> link

So basically I was in my room till Friday and let me tell you to learn with 4 People in the same room is ehm... hard. 재미없어요

I was super happy when on Friday I finished my last Exam for the week. My friend and I went to Sungshin to go Shopping :D And I bought myself some very evil nail polish and a dress for just 20000 won.

The only Problem most of the stuff you can't try on and see if it fits. So I was really happy when they had a changing room, but there was no mirror in there :0 so now I tried it on at home and I am not sure if I like it or not...  it doesn't really fit

My romantic spring in Seoul

Hey there I just wanted to share with you guys how amazing spring is at my exchange University. There are cherry blossoms and other flowers everywhere for about 2 weeks I'd say. It is lovely. Students are sitting outside underneath the trees. Everyone is taking pictures. Even families came to the campus to take pictures xD

My friend said I am weird for taking a pic of them taking a pic, but they are so cute ^-^

So here are some pics of my Campus at Kookmin during springtime. Lol maybe now you wanna do your exchange here, too.


How to get rid of a stuffy nose!

Everyone in my room in Korea got a stuffy nose, which means 4 People keep on sneezing and blowing their noses. You know how unconfortable it is to have a stuffy nose. Not only do you not smell anything and food taste bad no sometimes you also start snoring.Nope I don't ever :p And when you want to blow your nose nothing is coming out. Plus you run out of tissues -.-

We should probably have bought one of those cool Korean masks. They told us polluted air keeps coming from China, which is bad for your health. Or we should have dressed warmer. It was warm and then cold again a lot.

So here are a few home remedies to get your nose free again:

1. Keep your room moist

When you have a stuffy nose it is really important to keep your room moist enough. You can either but a wet towel on your heater or set up bowels with water, or you simply open the window a few times. And you yourseld should also stay hydrated.


Eastern in Korea

It is Eastern and I am seriously missing Family and home today. Usually on Eastern  my family and I would go to church together afterwards to my grandparents and then searching chocolate all over the house, which my mother hides. Lol yes we kept the tradition from when we were kids.^^ So no searching the house today -.-'  


Thank goodness my grandparents send me a survival pack for eastern xD aren't they just the best :)