Exams are over ^^

Hey guys I am sorry I haven't written for the last 2 weeks it has been exam time ~bäh~

went to a traditional Music Performance on friday ^^

And I have been crazy enough to register for Korean 1 when I hadn't even done basic ( which I also have ) Haha

So I have been studying Korean like crazy, which doesn't mean I am a pro right now, but slowly I start to understand some things \(^-^)/  YAYY The Lady at the store doesn't have to repeat the Price 20 times before I get it XD do you still remember how I complained in my first post about not understanding anything? The post id here btw xD -> link

So basically I was in my room till Friday and let me tell you to learn with 4 People in the same room is ehm... hard. 재미없어요

I was super happy when on Friday I finished my last Exam for the week. My friend and I went to Sungshin to go Shopping :D And I bought myself some very evil nail polish and a dress for just 20000 won.

The only Problem most of the stuff you can't try on and see if it fits. So I was really happy when they had a changing room, but there was no mirror in there :0 so now I tried it on at home and I am not sure if I like it or not...  it doesn't really fit

And the nail polish was really evil!! First I cut myself on it and then I spilled it all over my Pants. Anyone a clue how to get it out? I tried nail polish remover right afterwards, but it didn't work T.T I don't even know why I bother with nail polish I am really horrible with it haha.

We also went to eat cheesecake bingsu my favorite :)

Today is already Sunday and I still have to prepare for the next week. God I am so happy when the next week is over. Than I am done with midterm. And Ramen time is over xD And I can go out and meet People and actually see places. I have this huge list of where I have to go and only 2 months left.

I have gone around the campus today to show you how it changed after the cherry blossoms. They stayed by the way longer than 2 weeks :) .

I am pretty sure I have the prettiest Campus of all the Exchange Students. :D

There was also a Soccer game between Little Kids and all the parents have been cheering ^.^ I of course had to watch. They were so cute <3

My Korean roommate just came back she is really nice always gives me sweets, but she doesn't know English and I no Korean so it is really hard to communicate.

I also started another project today ^-^ but until it is ready it is a secret.

So pleas subscribe to my blog to be kept informed about updates! J Until next Wednesday. If there is something special you'd like to know please comment bellow or write me a message :D my mail is