How to get rid of a stuffy nose!

Everyone in my room in Korea got a stuffy nose, which means 4 People keep on sneezing and blowing their noses. You know how unconfortable it is to have a stuffy nose. Not only do you not smell anything and food taste bad no sometimes you also start snoring.Nope I don't ever :p And when you want to blow your nose nothing is coming out. Plus you run out of tissues -.-

We should probably have bought one of those cool Korean masks. They told us polluted air keeps coming from China, which is bad for your health. Or we should have dressed warmer. It was warm and then cold again a lot.

So here are a few home remedies to get your nose free again:

1. Keep your room moist

When you have a stuffy nose it is really important to keep your room moist enough. You can either but a wet towel on your heater or set up bowels with water, or you simply open the window a few times. And you yourseld should also stay hydrated.

2. Put some salt on a spoon add some water and inhale it into your nose

This is a trick my Mum told me when I was younger and it has worked ever since.

Put a few Drops of the mixture into each nostril with your head tilted back. Inhale gently and after leaving it in for a bit blow your nose. Have a tissue at hand!

Just don't put in to much salt otherwise it can hurt. I even heard some People get a nosebleed, when using to much. I have done this, since years and I never got a nosebleed though. You can also gargle salt water and it helps with a sore throat.

3. Inhaling

There are a lot of different mixtures you can inhale with. A few that I have tried out and helped me were:

  •  mixture of eucalyptus oil and water  ( around 7 Drops for 2 Cups of steaming water)
  •  mixture of tea tree oil and steaming water ( around the same amount of Drops)
  •  thyme and steaming water
  •  chamomile with steamig water
  •  boil cut onions for a bit and when it is cool enough inhale ( I haven't tried this!)
For this you can heat the water mixture in a pot. Don't make it too hot! and then you lean over the pot. To avoid the steam from getting out at the sides of your face cover yourself and the pot with a towel.

4. You can take a warm shower

This works the same way as the inhaling.

Some home remedies I have read about, but not tried:
  1. Putting Nivea cream around your nose (there are a lot of ppl where it worked, but some said it didn't)
  2. Putting cut onions next to your head at night( it does stink though) Or just cook something where you have to cut a lot of onions.
  3. Putting a drop of mint oil on your hand and smelling it
  4. Schwedenbitterwickel This is a German solution for many things xD you put the essence on a Cotton pad and put it on your nose
  5. peppermint oil
  6. Eating spicy

Do you have any other Ideas how to get rid of a stuffy nose? Did the remedies help you out ? :) I it helped leave a comment and if you like what you see follow my blog or twitter :D