Eastern in Korea

It is Eastern and I am seriously missing Family and home today. Usually on Eastern  my family and I would go to church together afterwards to my grandparents and then searching chocolate all over the house, which my mother hides. Lol yes we kept the tradition from when we were kids.^^ So no searching the house today -.-'  


Thank goodness my grandparents send me a survival pack for eastern xD aren't they just the best :)



All the chocolate I can wish for :) And the package is huge xD I even got an easter bunny ^^ ok 2 but the otherone was gone before Eastern xD.


In Korea I guess, because not that many People are Christians the day doesn't seem as important. I haven't seen Easter stuff all over the Shops like at home. Like deco bunnies, chicken babies, eggs etc. Or I have been blind, which might be a possibility, but I don't think so. :) At home weeks before Eastern starts the stuff is already everywhere. And by Eastern you have had enough., but without it it is also not the same.


Oh that reminds me I didn't even Color Easter eggs this year. And I couldn't eat my grandmas Easter lamb. Do you even make them in other countries? I have no clue.  ... What are you doing in your Country for Eastern? Are you celebrating it with your Family ? Do you make easter eggs and egghunts?  Or is it just like every other day?

My sister send me some pics of her Easter presents xD Ah so envious right now..