Gyeongbokgung Palace

After enjoying life here a bit too much I got sick. -.-'
But now I am all better again and I have had a wonderful Weekend and did a lot. ^-^

Today I went with a friend from the US to Gyeongbokgung Palace and we were so lucky, because today they reenacted some history.

It was awfully hot directly in the sun though, so we didn't watch the whole thing.
The Palace in itself is really beautiful too with all the gardens and the colors.
Also the entrance fee is also only 3000 won! So I'd recommend going there, when you visit Seoul.

The trees are really similiar to the ones in Croatia and it smelled the same way, too. It really made me want to go to the beach. :)


Lol this bird just sat on the tree above me xD And I was really happy it didn't poop on me.
According to the place were I come from to be pooped on by a bird brings you luck, but since it already happened to me twice I think I have enough.

Are there any places you heard about in Seoul that you would recommend ? Or places you enjoyed visiting? :) Feel free to comment bellow ^^
That's it for today:) Pls follow my blog and twitter see you next time :)


Hello Sinsa :D

Today is Sunday and though the weather has been bad, I have been ripped off and some friends left us back because we came to late the day was really really great. :D

So we got up really early today (ehm 8.50 so for us early haha), because we wanted to meet some friends, but because of some minor incidents we were late by just 20 minutes though. So when we arrived at the meeting place no one was there anymore and no one texted us either. So my roommate and I decided to go and enjoy Sinsa instead.